Our next round of Baby Swimming lessons with Little Dippers will start on Thursday 7thJanuary 2016.

The courses will run for 6 weeks at our beautiful private pool in Oxshott where the water is heated to a lovely 33 degrees – perfect for parents and babies! We will be running two Level 1 courses – at 9.30am and 10am on Thursdays for babies wanting the perfect introduction to swimming. Your baby does not need to have had their vaccinations to start swimming – from birth is absolutely fine.

If you can’t make all six classes, then we will do our very best to offer you make-up classes so you don’t miss a thing.

Spaces on our swimming courses are only available to Dotty & Jack’s members and 24hr booking priority booking will be given to full time members. Spaces will be available to book for full time members at 8pm on Tuesday 8th December, with part time members then welcome to sign up from 8pm on Wednesday 9th December. Spaces can be booked under the ‘Events’ tab of our booking system. The supplement for full time members is £35 per baby, and for part time members it’s £60 per baby.

If you are new to D&J and would like to sign up for swimming, simply click on the giant orange ‘Join Now’ button on the right hand side of this page, then click on the ‘Events’ tab to bring up the swimming option. You’ll then need to complete a series of steps to get your account up and running and to book your space on the swimming. If you already have an account with D&J, simply login, then head to the ‘Events’ tab and press ‘Sign Up Now.’

Please also be advised it is not possible to do our Level 1 course twice, and if you’ve completed Level 1 and would like to progress to Level 2, then you will need to organise your place directly through Little Dippers. The cost is normally £150 for the full course, but D&J members get 20% discount so the overall cost is £120 and you can book directly through Little Dippers.


For more information about our swimming lessons please contact us on


  • Places on our swimming course are only available to Dotty & Jack’s members
  • The swimming supplements are £35 per baby for full time members and £60 per baby for part time members
  • Parents must book a space for each baby they would like to attend the course, and pay the individual supplements
  • If you have already completed Level 1 with D&J, then you cannot repeat the course
  • All places must be booked online via the Dotty & Jack’s online booking system
  • Our swimming classes are suitable for children under the age of 12 months
  • Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds if you are no longer able to attend the course
  • We are also unable to offer any membership refunds if you fail to get a space on your preferred course
  • Standard Dotty & Jack’s terms and conditions apply

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